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Embrace the new era of corneal transplantation

LI Shao-wei   

  1. Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital, Beijing 100021, China; Aier School of Ophthalmology, Central South University, Changsha 400012, China
  • Received:2017-02-09 Online:2017-05-25 Published:2017-06-02
  • Contact: LI Shao-wei, Email:shaoweili2005@vip.163.com E-mail:shaoweili2005@vip.163.com


Penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) is no longer the only standard and means of corneal surgery. The concept of corneal component keratoplasty has led to new breakthroughs in surgical procedures. The emerging of deep lamellar keratoplasty, endothelial keratoplasty (EK) and other operations significantly reduces postoperative complications such as immunologic rejection and also improve the visual quality and donor corneal utilization. Femtosecond laser assisted keratoplasty bring the corneal transplantation surgery into the era of refractive surgery. Corneal collagen cross linking (CXL) has enriched the doctor's surgical procedure, relieving the dependence of keratoplasty for the patients with corneal diseases such as keratoconus. Keratoplasy is brought into the scope of precision medicine by those advances.

Key words: cornea, endothelial keratoplasty, deep lamellar keratoplasty, femtosecond laser, collagen cross linking