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The characteristics and management of posterior capsule in congenital cataract

GUO Zheng1,  LI Shi-lian1,  XIANG Dao-man2   

  1.  1. Department of Ophthalmology,  Wuhan Children’s Hospital,  Wuhan Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital,  Tongji Medical College,  Huazhong Uniersity of Science & Technology,  Wuhan 430014,  China; 2. Department of Ophthalmology,  Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center,  Guangzhou 510120,  China
  • Received:2017-02-12 Online:2018-03-25 Published:2018-03-24
  • Contact: LI Shi-lian, Email:lianshili@126.com


Objective To discuss the characteristics and management of posterior capsule in congenital cataract. Design Retrospective case series.  Participants Seventy cases (118 eyes) of congenital cataract in Guangzhou Children and Women’s medical center from 2012 to 2014. Methods Clinical data of the posterior capsules and surgical video were reviewed retrospectively. Main Outcome Measures The characteristics of posterior capsule(morphology,  color,  trait, etc),  managements,  postoperative outcomes. Results The posterior capsule in 91 eyes (77.11%) of all 118 eyes was thansparent. The abnormalities were observed in 27 eyes (22.88%),  including central opacity in 12 eyes(10.17%),  protuberance backward and thin posterior capsular in 2 eyes (1.69%),  central defect in 2 eyes(1.69%),  vascularization posterior capsular in 2 eyes (1.69%) and the anterior and posterior capsular adherent in 9 eyes (7.63%). Diathermy capsulotomy alone or a combination of vitrectomy and capsulorhexis using forceps were performed. Of the 56 eyes that had an intraocular lens (IOL),  there were 4 IOL decentration postoperatively. Posterior capsule opacity developed in 15 eyes (12.71%). Conclusions Posterior capsular anomalies were about 20% in pediatric congenital cataract eyes, in which central opacity was frequent. Handling of abnormal posterior capsule often requires a combination of several kinds of operating equipments. (Ophthalmol CHN,  2018, 27:91-94)

Key words: congenital cataract, posterior capsule