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Parameter changes of dynamic vascular patterns of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in uveal melanoma patients

LI Dong-jun1,  2,  YANG Wen-li2,  YANG Jun1   

  1. 1. Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences &Peking Union Medical College, Tianjin 300192, China, MEDA Co. Ltd, Tianjin 300384, China; 2. Beijing Tongren Eye Center, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Beijing 100730, China
  • Received:2017-11-09 Online:2018-03-25 Published:2018-03-24
  • Contact: YANG Jun, Email: yangj3210@hotmail.com


Objective To study the application of dynamic vascular patterns (DVP) curves and parametric images of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in uveal melanoma. Design Experimental research. Participants53 uveal melanoma patients (53 eyes) with CEUS examination. Methods Sonoliver software was used to analyze the CEUS images and construct the DVP curves and DVP parametric images according to the difference between the lesion and the normal control tissue of the same patient. According to the opening direction of the lesion's green curve and the relationship with the yellow line, the DVP curves were divided into I~IV type; according to different color composition, the DVP parametric images were divided into I~IV type. Main Outcome Measures Maximum of intensity (IMAX), rise time (RT), time to peak (TTP), mean transit time (mTT); The proportion of DVP curves and parameter diagrams type. Results The IMAX (210.08±102.14)% was higher than that in normal orbital tissue (100.00±0.00)% (t=7.846, P=0.000). The mTT(39.40±17.97)s was faster than that in normal orbital tissue (49.95±18.64) s (t=-3.417, P=0.001).  The four types of DVP curves (Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ) and DVP parametric images (Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ) were 71.70%, 18.87%, 5.66%, 3.77% and 81.13%, 9.43%, 5.66%, 3.77% respectively. Conclusions Dynamic vascular patterns of contrast-enhanced ultrasound can demonstrate the different characteristics of flow perfusion static between uveal melanoma and normal orbital tissue. Most of the uveal melanomas show type I DVP curves and type I DVP parametric images. (Ophthalmol CHN,  2018, 27:103-106)

Key words: contrast-enhanced ultrasound, dynamic vascular pattern ;uveal melanoma