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Progression of diagnosis and treatment of amblyopia

LU Wei1, YAN Li2   

  1. 1. Beijing Tongren Eye Center, Beijing Key Lab. of Ophthalmology & Visual Science, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing 100730, China; 2. National Engineering Research Center for Healthcare Devices, Guangzhou 512511, China
  • Received:2016-05-01 Online:2017-09-25 Published:2017-09-28
  • Contact: LU Wei, Email: yuancang@263.net


The progression of brain visual science enables a further understanding of the pathogenesis of amblyopia and the characteristics of the neural defect of amblyopia. The study of the neural mechanism of amblyopia has promoted the progression of amblyopia treatment. The visual perception examination and treatment system platform enriches detection methods for amblyopia, and provides a basis for accurate diagnosis and treatment. The combination of visual perception learning and binocular vision therapy will change the current situation of amblyopia treatment; and enable us to treat amblyopia more effectively. (Ophthalmol CHN, 2017, 26: 289-293)

Key words: amblyopia, cerebral vision, vision perceptual learning, binocular vision therapy